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Cha Cha's Tea   by Meraki  AZ

Cha Cha's Tea & Plant Based Cafe



Great Tea

Cha Cha's Tea is about classic flavors and quality leaves. 


Cha Cha's is unique in that we actually like tea! Not just 'like', we are obsessed with good, quality tea. We want you to experience what a great cup of tea tastes like. The best way to do that is by making sure you can get a good cup of tea in Phoenix Arizona. 


We have retail loose leaf tea here on our website, at our tea lounge, and in small markets around the valley, plus we also wholesale bulk tea to coffee shops in the state so that they can serve a great cup of tea too.  

So, what are we known for?


  • Matcha , pure & flavored, high quality Japanese matcha green tea. Amazing matcha for that green caffeine kick. Our tea lounge has a full matcha bar !

  • Pure & flavored loose leaf teas , all hand selected for making the best teas in Phoenix. 

  • House blends of strong herbs for relief. Try the Sick Puppy with our local seasonal honey to revive you! 

  • Cold Brew Coffee , locally roasted beans from Xanadu Roasters. Brewed perfectly for ultimate smoothness.

  • Plant Based Treats! All our desserts are vegan and perfect in every way. Our fresh baked scones are better than your grandma's! When you want a sweet treat or bakery donut & cookie to snack on ~ our pastry case is always full! 

  • Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, & Late Nights ~ Cha Cha's has a full menu of good food for a good mood. We make everything from scratch ~ like our crave-able Pistachio Pesto that goes on our Roasted Eggplant Sandwich. We serve the best & freshest bites in Downtown Phoenix 



Introducing Our Spicy Chai 

An important staple in the beverage world is a Chai Latte. We have created a Spicy, Vanilla, Chai Concentrate that is perfect to cozy up to. Our Spicy Chai recipe is concentrated so that you only need 1/2 tsp for an 8 oz Latte. Add it to steamed milk or over ice! 

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