Great Tea

Cha Cha's Tea is about classic flavors and quality leaves. 


Cha Cha's is unique in that we actually like tea! Not just 'like', we are obsessed with good, quality tea. We want you to experience what a great cup of tea tastes like. The best way to do that is by making sure you can get a good cup of tea in Arizona. 


We have retail here on our website and small markets around the valley, and we wholesale for coffee shops in the state so that they can serve a great cup of tea too.  


Introducing Our Spicy Chai 

An important staple in the beverage world is a Chai Latte. We have created a Spicy, Vanilla, Chai Concentrate that is perfect to cozy up to. Our Chai is concentrated so that you only need 2 pumps for an 8 oz Latte. Add it to steamed milk or over ice! 

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