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Cha Cha's Tea Lounge

1229 Grand Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Opening Hours

Monday      9am – 9pm

Tuesday      9am – 9pm

Wednesday 9am – 9pm

Thursday    9am – 9pm

Friday         8am – 10pm

Saturday     8am – 10pm

Sunday        8am - 10pm

Drink Our Tea


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Ashley Pic~ Michael Jennings Photography


Welcome visitors to Cha Cha's Tea Lounge, a tea cafe started in 2017 with the mission of bringing a good cup of tea & nourishing food to downtown Phoenix. 

We are tea people who have grown up in Phoenix & found it hard to find a good cup of tea at cafes around the valley. Cha Cha's began with the desire to get people excited and happy about a good cup of tea! 

If you've never experienced our tea cafe before, our staff is super friendly and happy to suggest based on your preferences! 

Meet Ashley! She has created a space that will have you feeling like you found exactly what you were searching for.

Tea Background:  Her knowledge of tea takes us back over 20 years ago to when she first fell in love with the world's favorite beverage. She was introduced to quality tea at the annual Japanese Matsuri Festival that happens in Downtown Phoenix. The love began in 2001 and she was 17, with a warm invitation into a dark enclosed tent set up at the heart of the festival, it was a Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony experience put on by the local Japanese Friendship Garden.  A woman stood at the entrance to the shrouded & mysterious tent, quietly & politely beckoning folks to come and taste an authentic sip of matcha. Once inside, the well choreographed experience that is the Japanese Tea Ceremony put Ashley on the beautiful path of tea that brings us here today. 

Photo: Michael Jennings Photography  @MichaelJPhoto_ 

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